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New Book by Mark S A Smith

From MSP to BSP:
from Managed Services Provider
to Business Services Provider
to Profit from I.T. Disruption

As I.T. moves to mobile devices, the cloud, and everything-as-a-service, MSPs become irrelevant. How can you provide managed services when there’s nothing left in the data center to manage?

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“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

In this pragmatic discourse about the changing role of technology business partners, you learn why this trend accelerates and how to pivot to be a Business Service Provider (BSP), where you work with C-level business executives to implement their roadmap by delivering foresight, management, and protection irrespective of the location or ownership of the tech that runs their company.

This book is for executives who own or direct I.T. resales organizations and vendor executives who rely on the channel to move their merchandise.

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Download the Book Club Guide

Download the Book Club Guide

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Profitably Pivoting with Changing Business Models

Supporting the book From MSP to BSP…

The world changes faster than you can imagine, it’s not business as usual. Changing business models disrupt how we do business. Mark Hurd predicts that 80% of data centers won’t exist by 2025. Information Age predicts 40% of the Fortune 500 won’t make it through the digital transformation. How can you manage the chaos? In this engaging, entertaining, and enlightening 30-minute conversation about radically changing business models of technology vendors, distribution, business partners, and customers, you’ll see the data and understand what’s going on. You’ll know what’s driving these changes, how to pivot your business to take advantage of them, and how Varnex will help you stay relevant and profitable.

 Mark Hurd, CEO Oracle

Oracle Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd delivers his keynote, “The Cloud: Transformational. Innovative. Foundational” at Oracle OpenWorld 2017. During Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Mark Hurd opened up his keynote by examining the current state of the industry, highlighting a macroeconomic viewpoint in the B2B IT space. Focusing on the constant drive for revenue and minimal growth in B2B IT compared to consumer IT, Mark noted that since 2000, half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have gone. Recognizing the pressure from industry disruptors, Mark went on to reiterate revenue growth is a fundamental corporate objective. However, Mark also noted another key component of business success in 2017 is managing risk. Touching on recent cybersecurity breaches, Mark mentioned that the next security breach could be even bigger, and companies are at risk by being unpatched.

Make the Transition from MSP to Business Service Provider

Supporting the book From MSP to BSP…

As the world moves to the cloud, your traditional business becomes less relevant and less profitable. How can you be a managed service provider if there’s nothing to manage? In this pragmatic discussion about the changing role of technology business partners, you’ll explore how to make the transition to a Business Service Provider, where you work with executives to deliver the tech that runs their company. This will be a conglomeration of devices, on site, and cloud all designed, architected, plumbed, protected, and managed by you. You’ll leave the session with a new road map on how to direct your team to evolve with this unstoppable trend.

You’ll discover:
How to move from tech acumen to business acumen
How to have business roadmap discussions that map to tech deployment
Changes in your business model to be agile and flexible
What needs to change with compensation and sales strategies
How Synnex and Varnex helps you with this transition

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Mark Smith delineates critical differences between B2C and B2B marketing that technologists must not ignore.

Perry Marshall

Author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing, Perry Marshall Company

This book describes the disruption occurring within the IT industry. Old business models are evaporating and new business models are proliferating! It then offers sound, practical advice on how sellers can win business in this rapidly changing milieu. If you sell into the IT space this book is a must read… for your survival. If you don’t sell into the IT space read it because it succinctly describes how to sell within a disrupted market.

Thomas J. Williams

Managing Director, Strategic Dynamics Inc.

A treasure trove of nuggets! Gold nuggets… Heart of Selling is 90%, Transaction engine vs Trust engine. Mark artfully paves the way towards selling Mission Critical systems. A “must” embrace.

Rajesh Rao

VP Asia Pacific, Viavi Solutions

I’ve never seen our industry in such upheaval as it is. Mark’s words are sage advice to those who want to be in it in the future.

Otto E. Coppen

Field Account Executive, Synnex

 “Well worth the read. Mark points out, don’t be just a trusted IT advisor. Be the customer’s business partner. Work with them to solve their business issues before your competition does. Grow your businesses together. This book shows you how.”

Mike Fritzler

Director of Business Development, Powerland, Canada

In business the last thing you need is stability… change presents opportunity and we have never seen such change as is happening in our world today. Everything we “know” is being challenged. Mark has once again applied his experience, observations and incredible insight into a concise toolkit that allows us to understand where in this tsunami of change business opportunity exists. From frictionless transactions through augmented reality the commercialization of space travel and paradigm shift from senior professionals to millennials… This is Gold.

Tony Bulleid

VP Sales Marketing and Operations EMEA

Now more than ever, it is critical to work ON all of areas of your business, not just IN them. Mark’s impactful and actionable insights are a catalyst to do just that!

Mary Ellen Grom

Executive Director Marketing Communication, AFL

A timely guide for selling in the age of digital transformation. Mark S A Smith’s book could not have come at a better time. The ‘new’ answers to ‘what do I do, what do I say, to whom, how, and when’ are exquisitely covered in detail. Now it’s your turn to take Mark’s material, internalize it, execute it, own it, and reach the sales success you deserve.

Marylou Tyler

Coauthor, Predictable Prospecting & Predictable Revenue

Anyone who has owned a technology firm knows that you have to reinvent yourself every 5 -7 years to stay current, relevant and above the commoditization fray.  Mark’s book is a must read for MSP’s who want to continue to survive and thrive in this era of digital transformation.

Linda Rose

Retired Founder and CEO, Multiple Microsoft Partner companies

After decades in the IT business as founder and CEO of the industry’s oldest IT Channel Community, The ASCII Group, it is clear that we are watching the biggest disruption of all time. Some will make it, and those who aren’t paying attention, won’t. Mark lays out why you must pay attention, what you must do today to make the change, and how to make more profit than ever. Read it. Act on it. Profit from it.

Alan Weinberger

Founder, The ASCII Group

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